Caifang Zhu, PhD (China)

Dr Zhu holds a PhD in East-West psychology from California Institute of Integral Studies. While at Harvard, he was a teaching fellow with the East Asian Studies program at Harvard and chaired the Harvard Buddhist Community. More recently he was a researcher in residency with the Department of Comparative Study of Religions at Vrije Universiteit (Free University) Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


Currently he is the founder and director of Beijing Counseling and Meditation Center. Since 2009 he has been teaching and developing the meditation-initiated integrative therapy (MIIT) model. In China, Caifang is a nationally certified supervisor of psychological counselling. He received clinical psycho-spiritual training as a chaplain-to-be in St Mary’s Medical Center in San Francisco. For almost 30 years he has been practicing Chan meditation and Taichi. Most of his publications are in Buddhist studies and practices, transpersonal and integral psychology and psychotherapy. Among the most recent publications is Chan Meditation, a chapter for Oxford Handbook of Meditation, to be published in 2019.



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