Virginia Gawel (Argentina)

Virginia is a licensed psychologist, therapist, teacher and writer, born in 1961 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Pioneer in spreading Transpersonal Psychology throughout her country and in Latin America and Spain.  In 1994 she founded Centro Transpersonal de Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires Transpersonal Center) where she serves as president. She introduced in the Transpersonal fields the concept of Complex of Essential Inadequacy:  on one’s own sensibility and the sense of not fitting into the world, and the appropriate treatment for who experience it. She also created her own method to work clinically: TADIs (Techniques for the Direct Access to the Unconscious), including original techniques to work with dreams. She was a founding member of the Iberoamerican Transpersonal Association (ATI). She serves as a board member of The International Transpersonal Association (ITA) as well as The Journal of Transpersonal Research.

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