Zana Marovic, PhD (South Africa)

Dr Marovic is an international speaker and trainer for integrative psychotherapy. She is a clinical psychologist, integrative psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, and remedial yoga therapist with a PhD in health psychology (2000, UNISA). Dr Marovic consults for Addnova Clinic, a multidisciplinary private clinic in Johannesburg, and The WITS University, Donald Gordon Clinic, Pelvic Floor Unit in Johannesburg.

Dr Marovic is president of The International Transpersonal Association. She has been an invited and keynote speaker at conferences in Europe, Asia, USA and South America. Dr Marovic has published papers in international academic journals and a book on clinical supervision. She served as a member of international scientific & organising committees (Greece, 2014; Czech Republic, 2017, India, 2018, United Arab Emirates, 2019).

She developed cross-cultural training for psychologists and she has  established first accredited transpersonal training in South Africa, in 2009.

Dr Marovic is a creator of TranSomatic Wellness Approach, an embodied integrative psychotherapy approach that recognizes body or soma as the foundation and key to our emotional, mental and spiritual wellness.



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