International Transpersonal Association – Uniting The Global Transpersonal Community

Welcome to the online home of the International Transpersonal Association (ITA). We have developed this website for those involved in academic research, clinical practice, projects and other activities with a transpersonal focus.

We define the term ‘transpersonal’ as having three fundamental connotations:

  • Connectedness to a larger sense of being
  • Recognition of the sacred
  • Sense of quest … that we all have a journey to make to reach that larger sense of being

The ITA aims to support our journeys, both by building and sharing substantive knowledge about the transpersonal and by exploring practical ways to achieve our potential.

Our Mission

The International Transpersonal Association (ITA) seeks to promote a transpersonal vision in research, scholarship, education, and those therapeutic and practical spheres in which a spiritual orientation is beneficial. It aligns itself with no single approach, be it religious or scholarly. Rather it encourages a diversity of perspectives through which insights from spiritual traditions might be effectively integrated into contemporary culture.